Lose Weight Fast – Without Exercise!

There is a secret that can help you lose weight fast without exercise.

Without stepping on the treadmill…

Without going to the gym…

Without the morning jog.

In fact, this single thing is all that you will ever need to lose the fat below your belly button, under your arms, on your hips, butt and thighs.

It is the lazy way to a bikini body.

Here’s how I discovered it many years ago.

I struggled for several years to lose any fat. During those years I was an exercise fanatic. 4-5 days in the gym for 1.5 hours at a crack.

But it didn’t matter.

The fat just never came off. It really left me feeling hopeless and discouraged.

Then one day at the gym I talked with the head trainer.

He told me that the key to losing the fat had to do with my diet. And he did not mean STARVING yourself.

He said the secret was with the use of a single “diet” formula… he called it the correct TYPES, correct TIMES, and correct PATTERNS formula.

Basically what it means is that if you ever hope to lose any of your fat you need to learn how to consume the correct types of food, at the correct times and in the correct patters. Which I certainly was not doing at the time.

Ya, I was eating healthy. But simply eating healthy is NOT enough. Not even close.

To make a long story short. I gave this formula a shot. It proved to be an absolute MIRACLE! The fat melted off my body so fast I could not even believe it.

And it was easy too!

I found that I could be totally LAZY and still lose all the weight I wanted… as long as I stuck to the formula.

What I would like to share with you is a secret that utilizes the correct types, correct times, correct patterns formula.

Here it is…

And I have a feeling that many people can relate to it.

So lets say that you love “starchy carbs”… bread, pasta, rice… etc.

Well many times we consider these foods to be “dinner” foods. In other words, we consume them for the last meal of the day.

The problem with this is that these starchy carbs are very high energy foods. That is too say that they are nearly INSTANT sources of energy for your body the very minute you consume them.

This means that at the time of the day when you are least active (At night) you have just consumed a very high energy food… which you certainly don’t need when you are inactive.

So what’s your body do?

It tends to store all that excess energy as fat.

A better time to consume that starch carb meal is in the afternoon. That way your body has the entire rest of the day to burn it off.

So that was a little fat loss secret that utilizes the correct types, correct times, correct patterns formula. I have found it to be incredibly effective at melting away fat quickly.

You’d be nuts not to give it a shot!

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