Apples- The Best Food To Eat To Lose Weight Naturally

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eating apples can not only help prevent Heart disease and cancer effectively, but also is a healthy way to lose weight. “Three-day apple diet” is very popular in Japan, it is said that the weight can lose 3-5 kg if only eating apple within three days. If it will not harmful for your health, why not try it?

As a low-calorie food, it is unnecessary for you worry about that you are taking more calorie regardless of how much you eat. So if you can keep on it, your weight will lose naturally. What is the most important, you will not go hungry when losing weight.

The experts from pointed that there are few obesity who perform good in self-control when facing foods. Apple diet can make stomach shrink and the taste normal after weight-loss, which can make them lose interest in eating spicy food or greasy food.

Some useful ways to lose weight to eat apples:

1.Eat only apples for three successive years and don’t eat any other fruit or food.

2.Eating at meal time or when you are hungry.

3.You had better eat red apples, because green apples may stimulate the stomach.

4.Eat fresh apples ,wash and peel them carefully.

5.In these three days, you had better drink water or tea without irritation, such as
mint tea, wheat tea, red tea, Houttuynia tea.

6.Your stomach will be very sensitive during the period, so you had better not drink beverages with caffeine, such as coffee, green tea, oolong tea.

7. If suffering with constipation during the time, drink one or two tablespoons of olive oil to help discharge toxins out of your body.

Your stomach will become smaller and soft because it is far away from spicy food after three days, so don’t eat too much at first, especially snacks. Eating soft tasting food can be helpful to your weight-loss.

Apple diet is equal to do a thorough clean-up to digestive system. If you are really very fat, it is impossible to become slim only through one-time apple diet. According to a research conducted by, the best way is to do it once every two months till you get ideal body figure.

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