Lose 10 Pounds

Would you like to lose 10 pound in 10 days? Yeah, I know! Who wouldn’t?! I am going to share with you how you can loose 10 pounds in 10 days. Being overweight can be the result of many factors. Your diet (what you eat), lack of exercise, or even your body being toxic. A toxic body is someone who doesn’t have at least two bowel movements a day. If your body is not fully releasing the waste that accumulates in the colon after each meal, that waste becomes putrid and toxic.

When your system is toxic, you are more likely to have less energy for exercise and such, which can also contribute to excess weight. The body can store up to a minimum of 5 pounds of waste. So if you were to cleanse the body, and make your system more regular, and become more energetic, you would definitely be on the way to loose 10 pounds in ten days.

A lot of people jump right in to weight loss program and forget to take needed steps to be sure that the program creates needed results that last. Starting to eat properly may change your body and force you to have results in weight loss. But how much, better it is if you clean out your system and start fresh, meaning cleanse the colon first. Cleansing the colon first flushes out your system and also helps you build the body system from scratch and adopt a new lifestyle of diet and exercise.

I did a colon cleanse and seen the toxic disgusting things that came out of my body and how it changed my energy. It made more health conscious and forced me to educate myself more on diet and weight loss. I guarantee that if you give colon cleansing a shot that you will loose 10 pounds.

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