Lose Weight Fast- Eat and Reduce Weight!!

Your health is a reflection of your lifestyle. When you have a lifestyle that balances your body and mind good health and a slim and trim physique is a natural and obvious off shoot. Tips for a healthy lifestyle change will guide you well towards a better life. You need to work on your lifestyle and this takes efforts and time. You will get early results and is thus the easiest way to lose weight. It also maintains your weight and delays aging. Your physical and mental health is vital for a complete good health.

There are many reasons why people end up overweight. It is due to metabolism rate, it impacts your weight loss program. People with low metabolism find it tough to lose weight as due to the slow metabolism, they store fat in their body.

While there are others who have hormonal imbalances, but one major reason for weight gain is unhealthy eating habits and less exercise.

Some tips towards fast weight loss:

Don’t push and punish:

Take a break once a week. If you start disliking your diet then you need to pause and think again. Find a diet that suits your lifestyle and body type.  

Read labels between lines:

Food and drinks in the store attract you and scream “buy me!” It can be fat free as claimed on the label but could still add to the calories. See the nutrition label. See the labels on the sodas. Find what is good for you. Stay away from calorie enriched products. While you shop for groceries, avoid cookies, frozen foods like pizzas, ice creams.

Maintain notes:

Document what you eat. This is the only way you can keep a watch and assess your eating habits at the end of every week. If you are tech savvy then maintain a weight loss blog. Share this journal with your dietician to get some more tips and guidance.


No, you should not fill your stomach with a lot of water, but ensure that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Juice cannot be a substitute for water. Your body should be hydrated. Your kidneys need to flush out the waste and it is possible only when you drink an adequate amount of water. With proper water intake your body metabolizes fat more effectively. When you have a glass of water every 10-15 minutes prior to your meal you will be full before you eat. This helps digest food properly.

Eat less more times:

Start with breakfast.  The more you eat for breakfast the less you will eat for dinner. Do not skip meals. Eat 5 meals a day; eat sensible and low calorie snacks. Do not let your body crave for food. This is the fastest weight loss diet and tip.


Exercise is vital for weight loss. Work with weights and build muscles and your metabolism rate will increase.

Palette of dark color:

Naturally we find blue, black and purple foods less attractive. So keep your plate full with dark colored food.

Weight loss with green tea:

Green tea spurs your metabolism rate. It aids in burning fats. Green tea reduces your appetite. Rise and shine with green tea, have green tea instead of mocha. Your waistline will slim down within weeks. Green tea is great for those who crave to lose weight. Without a rigid diet regime green tea is a healthy way to lose weight.

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